We are looking for experienced consultants who not only have the knowledge and ability to defy complex and demanding tasks but driven by mastering the tasks you are faced with every day. Are you thus a theorist, who certainly has the right answer, but not the lasting and excellent results for our clients, then Red Ocean is not the place for you.

Qualifications and personal qualities

We look for candidates who take pride in getting the job done with high quality on time every time and who also have strong academic results from university or college. All of our employees have completed a master’s or doctoral degree at a recognized educational institution in Norway or abroad. We employ primarily people who have a few years experience from a professional services company, and who have the necessary skills and drive to grow further!

We are looking specifically for people who have:

  • Strong execution capabilities
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong business acumen and judgment
  • Strong drive and initiative
  • The ability to inspire, motivate and engage
  • The ability to build strong relations with customers and colleagues

Application Process

To apply please send a mail to jobapplication@redocean.no containing:

  1. An application letter
  2. Full CV, preferably with description of project experience
  3. Diplomas from all studies and secondary
  4. Testimonials

We will contact all candidates with an interesting background for a first interview. If all goes according to plan we will invite you to a second interview where you will be asked to bring 1-2 references that may be contacted. In this interview you will be presented for a relevant ôcaseö to be solved. After this we will have the basis to conclude the interview with a definitive answer.

Send an email